Welcome to Cancer Genomics and System Biology (CGSB)

Next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies promise to revolutionize our understanding of cancer as they allow the characterization of a large number of tumor samples in terms of DNA mutations, epigenetics, gene expression and alterations of protein-DNA binding. Nevertheless, each experimental approach, on its own, can offer only a glimpse into the cellular pathways that are perturbed in cancer. In order to develop a system-level understanding of tumor progression, it is essential to integrate and interpret all these data. For this reason, the main aim of our research is to develop novel computational approaches and integrative methods to investigate cancer mutations, as well as to reveal the transcriptional regulatory networks and related signaling pathways that are altered in cancer. We believe that the identification of these perturbed pathways is essential as this can:

  1. shed light on tumor initiation and progression mechanisms
  1. assist patient stratification for prognosis and choice of treatment
  1. allow the identification of candidate targets that can be used to develop diagnostic, prognostic or therapeutic strategies


To identify driver mutations:

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To analyze ChIP-seq experiments:

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